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These Are the Most Popular Baby Names by State & One Name Reigns Supreme

The most popular baby names by state have been dropped — and we’re seeing one major overlap. Per the Social Security Administration, Olivia is the overwhelming top choice for girls, spanning everywhere from Montana to Utah to South Carolina. In fact, it was the number one most popular girl name in 35 states last year.

Charlotte also received significant traction, with multiple states honing in on the name last year, including Virginia, Michigan, and Iowa. Honorable mentions go out to Amelia and Ava as popular choices as well.

When it came to boy names, Liam was the clear winner, nabbing first choice in states that included (deep breath here) Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, Florida, and New Jersey. Runner-ups were Oliver and William.

Olivia has been in the top 100 of baby names since the 1990s, seeing a surge in popularity after ABC’s Scandal premiered in 2012, which featured a main character named Olivia Pope. It’s not unusual for parents to pull inspiration from pop culture when it comes to their babies — and it’s not just in the U.S.

“Popular culture continues to provide inspiration for baby names, whether it’s characters in our favorite show or trending celebrities,” Sian Bradford from England’s Office for National Statistics told The Guardian last year. “Maeve and Otis, characters from the popular program Sex Education, have seen a surge in popularity in 2020.”

Check out the full list of popular baby names by state below.

Top Five Female Names for Births in 2021

State Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5
Alabama Olivia Ava Amelia Charlotte Emma
Alaska Amelia Hazel Olivia Ava Charlotte
Arizona Olivia Emma Sophia Camila Isabella
Arkansas Olivia Emma Amelia Ava Charlotte
California Olivia Emma Camila Mia Sophia
Colorado Olivia Emma Charlotte Evelyn Amelia
Connecticut Olivia Charlotte Emma Amelia Sophia
Delaware Charlotte Olivia Amelia Emma Sophia
Dist. of Columbia Charlotte Ava Maya Sophia Emma
Florida Olivia Emma Isabella Mia Sophia
Georgia Olivia Ava Amelia Emma Charlotte
Hawaii Olivia Amelia Luna Ava Isla
Idaho Olivia Amelia Emma Evelyn Harper
Illinois Olivia Emma Sophia Charlotte Amelia
Indiana Charlotte Amelia Emma Olivia Ava
Iowa Charlotte Olivia Amelia Ava Emma
Kansas Olivia Charlotte Amelia Emma Evelyn
Kentucky Emma Olivia Amelia Ava Charlotte
Louisiana Olivia Ava Amelia Charlotte Emma
Maine Charlotte Olivia Amelia Emma Harper
Maryland Olivia Charlotte Ava Emma Sophia
Massachusetts Olivia Charlotte Emma Sophia Amelia
Michigan Charlotte Olivia Amelia Ava Evelyn
Minnesota Charlotte Olivia Evelyn Emma Nora
Mississippi Ava Olivia Amelia Paisley Emma
Missouri Olivia Charlotte Amelia Ava Emma
Montana Olivia Evelyn Ava Charlotte Harper
Nebraska Olivia Charlotte Evelyn Amelia Eleanor
Nevada Olivia Isabella Emma Mia Camila
New Hampshire Olivia Charlotte Evelyn Emma Amelia
New Jersey Olivia Emma Mia Ava Sophia
New Mexico Mia Sophia Emma Isabella Amelia
New York Olivia Emma Sophia Mia Amelia
North Carolina Olivia Ava Emma Charlotte Amelia
North Dakota Olivia Harper Emma Evelyn Amelia
Ohio Olivia Charlotte Emma Amelia Ava
Oklahoma Olivia Amelia Harper Charlotte Ava
Oregon Evelyn Olivia Charlotte Amelia Sophia
Pennsylvania Olivia Charlotte Emma Ava Sophia
Rhode Island Olivia Sophia Amelia Charlotte Emma
South Carolina Olivia Ava Charlotte Emma Amelia
South Dakota Evelyn Emma Charlotte Amelia Ava
Tennessee Olivia Charlotte Ava Emma Amelia
Texas Olivia Emma Camila Isabella Mia
Utah Olivia Charlotte Emma Evelyn Hazel
Vermont Charlotte Emma Nora Isla Olivia
Virginia Charlotte Olivia Emma Ava Sophia
Washington Olivia Amelia Emma Charlotte Sophia
West Virginia Amelia Harper Paisley Willow Emma
Wisconsin Charlotte Olivia Emma Evelyn Amelia
Wyoming Olivia Amelia Charlotte Emma Evelyn

Top Five Male Names for Births in 2021

State Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5
Alabama William John James Noah Elijah
Alaska Noah Oliver Liam William Wyatt
Arizona Liam Noah Mateo Oliver Sebastian
Arkansas Liam Oliver Elijah Noah Asher
California Noah Liam Mateo Sebastian Julian
Colorado Liam Oliver Noah Henry Theodore
Connecticut Noah Liam James Lucas Benjamin
Delaware Liam Noah Michael Lucas James
Dist. of Columbia Henry William James Noah Liam
Florida Liam Noah Lucas Elijah Oliver
Georgia Noah Liam William Elijah James
Hawaii Noah Kai Liam Ezekiel Oliver
Idaho Oliver Liam Henry William Jack
Illinois Noah Liam Oliver Henry Benjamin
Indiana Liam Oliver Noah Elijah Henry
Iowa Oliver Liam Henry Noah Asher
Kansas Liam Oliver Noah Theodore James
Kentucky Liam James Elijah William Noah
Louisiana Liam Noah Elijah James William
Maine Oliver William Owen Henry Jack
Maryland Liam Noah James Lucas Oliver
Massachusetts Noah Liam Henry Jack Benjamin
Michigan Noah Oliver Liam Henry Elijah
Minnesota Oliver Henry Theodore Liam Owen
Mississippi William John James Elijah Noah
Missouri Oliver Henry Liam William Elijah
Montana Oliver Liam James Asher Jackson
Nebraska Henry Oliver Liam Theodore William
Nevada Liam Noah Mateo Oliver Sebastian
New Hampshire Oliver Henry Liam Jackson Benjamin
New Jersey Liam Noah Lucas Joseph Michael
New Mexico Noah Liam Elijah Ezekiel Mateo
New York Liam Noah Lucas Joseph Jacob
North Carolina Liam Noah William James Oliver
North Dakota Oliver Liam Theodore Asher Brooks
Ohio Oliver Liam Noah Henry Lincoln
Oklahoma Liam Oliver Noah Elijah William
Oregon Oliver Liam Henry Benjamin Lucas
Pennsylvania Noah Liam Benjamin Oliver Owen
Rhode Island Liam Noah Julian Henry Oliver
South Carolina William James Liam Noah Elijah
South Dakota Henry Oliver Theodore Hudson Asher
Tennessee William Liam James Noah Elijah
Texas Liam Noah Elijah Mateo Sebastian
Utah Oliver Liam Jack William Henry
Vermont Henry Oliver Theodore Noah Owen
Virginia Liam Noah James William Oliver
Washington Liam Noah Oliver Henry Theodore
West Virginia Liam Waylon Elijah Noah Grayson
Wisconsin Oliver Henry Theodore Liam Levi
Wyoming Oliver Liam Henry Lincoln Owen

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