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A Surrogate Wants to Choose Who’s in the Delivery Room & Now the Parents are Furious

A surrogate took to Reddit’s AITA forum to share her frustration involving her clients and the delivery room. The plan had always been for her to give birth with the couple and her husband in the room.

Then, her client’s mother called asking for directions to the hospital. She’d need them for when she arrived to watch the birth.

“I told her there must have been some miscommunication and that ‘Dads and husband will be there for the birth,'” the user recounted. “She said the dads encouraged her to reach out to see if I would mind having husband stay home so grandma can see the birth of her grandchild.”

While the surrogate reinforced to the mom that she understood this was not her baby to keep, she is still going through a medical procedure and would like her husband with her. Next thing she knew, the couple was calling her up and saying that she was being “unreasonable and rude” and they should be able to choose who is in the room.

“AITA?” she wondered. The couple are friends of hers and it had already been determined that she could mandate what her birthing conditions would be.

Reddit users rallied around to let her know that this was absolutely her choice.

“It’s your body,” one person wrote. “Make sure the nurses know who your desired support people end up being, so there are no surprise visitors. You are doing an incredible thing by being a surrogate. Instead of being grateful, they are crossing lines and allowing grandma to harass you. NTA.” Many reinforced that the only visitors who should be in that delivery room are the ones invited in by the person giving birth.

“It might be their baby, but it’s OP’s body, and OP can even tell the two dads to wait in the waiting room if she chooses to have NOBODY but her support person in the delivery room if she choose” someone added. “I worked in L&D for a while, and we don’t take kindly to any person, even the father of the baby, causing stress to the person delivering and we will have people exit the room when a stressful situation arises.”

And then there was the comment that summed it all up perfectly.

“Why can’t grandma be out in the waiting room? Do they not allow that anymore? And why do people (extended family, not the dads) feel like they need to see the baby crown to feel included?” a user asked. “I met nieces, nephews, and friends’ babies during hospital visits or even once they were home, and it still felt pretty special. NTA. No one has a right to see your vagina without your consent.”

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