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Exclusive: Shay Mitchell Has the Best Advice for Moms on Embracing Their Bump

If you haven’t seen Shay Mitchell’s pregnancy looks yet, please do yourself a favor and google her now. The mom-to-be has showcased her bump in everything from a creamy white lace Valentino shirt to a slick House of CB suit jacket accompanied by knee high boots and — worth a heavy shout-out — that tiny black bandeau worn with flowing Balenciaga satin pants.

For Mitchell, pregnancy fashion is about staying true to who she is. “I think beforehand we had this…misconception that we had to cover and hide the bump,” the actress and entrepreneur told SheKnows. “And I’m like, ‘why?'”

Mitchell gave a shoutout to Rihanna when asked whose pregnancy style she admires (“all hail the queen”) and noted that growing a baby is a “magical thing” to be embraced. “We should show it off and there’s nothing to be ashamed about…this is our body creating a human life,” she said. “That’s awesome.” Mitchell made the decision not change up her fashion choices after getting pregnant and, when her jeans got bigger, she didn’t buy the band that covered it.

“I just I wanted to really stay true to what my style was without having to change it because I was pregnant,” Mitchell explained.

When she’s not paving her own fierce path with maternity style, Mitchell is collaborating with Hydralyte, a rehydration formula that features four times the electrolytes and one-fourth the sugar of sports drinks. As we’re chatting over Zoom, Mitchell has a strawberry lemonade with collagen beside her, which she calls “bomb.” She also gives an excited shout-out to the brand’s orange and berry fizzy powders. 

I start my day with it and I end my day with it, especially now being pregnant,” she said. “You get really bad charlie horses — cramps in your calves at night — if you aren’t hydrated. I have not had one in this pregnancy…I feel so much better this time around.”

Mitchell is already mom to two-year-old Atlas, who has figured out that she’s going to be a big sister — and is already getting in on the fun.

She’s emulating everything I’m doing, including putting something [on] her stomach,” Mitchell said. “It’s hilarious, but it’s really cool because I can truly see that she understands what’s going on. She knows that her sibling is coming soon and she’s seen this progression and she’s learning along the way.”

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