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Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Shoutout to BFF is an Ode to Mom Friends

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be best friends with Kylie Jenner? Between the over-the-top parties she throws for Stormi, her closet full of insane designer clothes to borrow from when you don’t have anything to wear and her grandiose gestures for the people she loves most, it seems like Kylie truly does have a huge heart above all else. In her May 11 Instagram stories, Kylie shared some serious love for her best friend, fellow mom Yris Palmer — and made a PSA about the importance of having mom friends in your life.

Among the series of throwbacks she shared, Kylie posted a group shot of herself, Stormi, Yris, and her daughter Ayla standing poolside. In true best friend fashion, Kylie and Yris wore matching hot pink bikinis. Kylie held up Stormi while giving her a kiss, and Yris posed with Ayla on her hip. “Mom friends are important!!” Kylie wrote in the corner of the photo, tagging her BFF’s Instagram account.

Although most of Kylie’s lifestyle isn’t all too relatable for the average mom out there, the ways she values other mothers — and appreciates their presence in her life — is pretty relatable. Plus, it makes sense that Kylie values this mom friendship with Yris so deeply. The two besties are both raising little girls. And although Kylie and Travis Scott just welcomed their new baby boy in February, Yris is close behind with baby number two on the way. Of course, Kylie was at the baby shower to celebrate alongside her favorite mom pal.

Cheers to mom friends!

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