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Sports Illustrated Featured Their First Model with a C-Section Scar & The Photo is Gorgeous

A mom just made important history. For the first time in its 58 year run, Sports Illustrated is featuring a model with a C-section scar. Kelly Hughes, who gave birth to her 3-year-old son through cesarean, graces SI wearing a crochet bikini top that beautifully showcases her scar.

The photoshoot was created as a collaboration between SI advisory board member Chelsea Hirschhorn and Frida Mom, a brand designed to support the “raw realities” of motherhood. It’s incredibly exciting that after all this time, we finally get to see an image like this in such a mainstream publication — especially given that more than 1.2 million women in America have babies via C-Section each year, per the CDC.

“To @kellyhues & all the C-Section moms, wear that scar with pride. It’s proof you’re strong as a mother 💪,” Frida Mom posted on Instagram, alongside the photo.

Hughes also uploaded the picture to her Instagram and penned a heartfelt, moving caption alongside it. “I am speechless and so honored to be in @si_swimsuit 2022 as the FIRST woman to expose her c-section scar in magazines history!” she wrote. “This partnership with @fridamom #paywithchange…to normalize and embrace the changes with a woman’s body especially when becoming a mom is so amazing to be a part of.”

The model added that she had struggled with insecurities around her scar, particularly because of the profession she’s in, but that’s beginning to change. “It wasn’t until I ’embraced my scar that I experienced the true power in it,'” Hughes noted.

This is just the beginning of SI efforts to promote “changemaking brand[s].” As part of their #paywithchange initiative, the magazine’s annual print edition will only features ads from companies that are working to build equity for all women.

“Starting now, we’ll turn our advertising and activation space into a place to create change for women,” the outlet explained in a note to readers. “We are committing to this initiative throughout all aspects of our business and are inviting all brands who are demonstrating progress to join us.”

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