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Here’s Where to Buy Baby Formula Online Safely If Your Local Stores Are Out of Stock

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Every time we turn on the news, the baby formula shortage is seemingly worse and more worrisome for parents by the day. If you feed your little one via formula, we know how defeating and scary it is to go to your local store and see the aisles bare. And, when you can seem to find your baby’s preferred formula in stores, they most likely have quantity limits, making it hard to keep an extra supply on hand. The shortage is also causing concerns among parents who are worried about their infants receiving adequate nutrients necessary for growth milestones. To help out, we found where you can buy baby formula online.

But first, let’s catch up on what’s happening with the formula shortage. The shortage began earlier this year, and has worsened over the past few weeks due to supply chain delays and multiple recalls of formulas by the FDA. Time reported that 40 percent of well-known formula brands were sold out as of April 24, which is up from 31 percent only two weeks earlier. And, in addition to the already-limited inventory in the United States, one baby formula manufacturer had to recall products after reports of bacterial infections in infants and even two deaths that resulted from consumption of the formula. The recall set retailers back even more and put a further strain on already empty shelves. Now, shopping online is one solution that parents have — but it can be tricky to navigate.

But there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Abbott (the manufacturer that had to recall formula as mentioned above) was just cleared by the FDA to resume releasing baby formula again, which will hopefully end the shortages. Until then, keep reading how to buy formula online.

How to Buy Baby Formula Online

When buying formula online, doing your research first is key. Stick with reputable sellers and brands. And, if you’re looking to buy on Amazon, make sure that the store you’re purchasing from is within the United States, and is a verified seller of formula. All of the information is overwhelming with so many rules and regulations when it comes to baby formula, so it’s always best to refer to the FDA to make sure you’re purchasing safe formula. It might also seem like an easy fix to the shortage, but making your own formula at home is also discouraged and can be harmful to your little one.

Lastly, remember to consult your pediatrician, too, for accurate advice on what to look for in a formula. If your child has special dietary needs, always run it by the physician before you purchase. Ahead, shop for baby formula from the best retailers online.


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This new brand boasts exceptional formula quality that is “clinically proven, next-to-breast milk benefits, and certified cleanest ingredients.” ByHeart’s Whole Nutrition Infant Formula is available in a 24-ounce can, which makes about 46 four-ounce bottles. You can subscribe and save so that you never run out, or you can make a one-time purchase for $39.

Whole Nutrition Formula $39 Buy now Sign Up

Bed Bath & Beyond

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It might seem like an unlikely place to find formula, but trust us on this one. Bed Bath & Beyond offers most popular brands of formula like Gerber and Enfamil.

Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive Non-GMO Infant Formula Powder $33.99 Buy now Sign Up


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If your local Walgreens doesn’t have formula on the shelves, head online, where you can order from a variety of brands.

Enfamil NeuroPro Infant Formula Ready to Use $11.79 Buy now Sign Up

Buy Buy Baby

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Burt's Bees Baby


This baby superstore has it all, including a large selection of formula for your little one. Find Burt’s Bees Baby Ultra Gentle formula or Gerber’s Soy Powder Formula.

Burt's Bees Baby Organic Ultra Gentle Powder Formula $31.99 Buy now Sign Up

Sam’s Club


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Even though you have to have a membership to shop at Sam’s Club, sourcing baby formula from this wholesale club is beneficial thanks to all of the extra-large cans of formula for sale that will keep your supply stocked up.

Similac Alimentum Hypoallergenic Baby Formula $39.98 Buy now Sign Up


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Earth's Best

Target is one of the best one-stop shops when searching for formula. You can find brands like Earth’s Best, Enfamil, Gerber, Similac, or Target’s very own line — Up & Up. Even though certain Target stores are running low, you can adjust the zip code finder on to see if other cities and states are stocked up on the formula that you need. If you are looking to find formulas at a store that’s not near you, be sure to ask if the formula is offered for delivery. In some cases, certain brands are not eligible for shipping.

Up & Up Soy Powder Infant Formula $21.49 Buy now Sign Up


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Bobbie is an online retailer that specializes in all things baby. They’re mostly known for their Organic Infant Formula — a milk-based powder that’s packed with iron. It’s also free from palm oil and corn syrup. Even though Bobbie is temporarily not accepting new members right now, you can join the waitlist for information and a first chance to purchase the formula when they restock.

Organic Infant Formula $52 Buy now Sign Up


Earth's Best

Instacart is another excellent source of baby formula. You can choose to have it delivered or pickup up at your local grocery store. They have a selection of multiple formula brands and even ones suitable for toddlers.

Earth's Best Toddler Formula $27.98 Buy now Sign Up

Whole Foods

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Happy Baby

It’s always important to be careful when buying formula on Amazon. Watch out for third-party sellers and stick to reputable brands. One that we trust? Whole Foods. The fresh market has its own selection of formulas available for delivery including Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula
Happy Baby Organics Infant Formula,
 to name a few.

Happy Baby Organics Infant Formula $39.99 on Buy now Sign Up


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You can also check in at BJ’s too when you need to find a formula. Most cans range from $27.99 up to $127.99 for a pack of three cans, depending on the brand.

Similac Advance Infant Formula with Iron $129.99 Buy now Sign Up

Thrive Market

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Aussie Bubs

You might know Thrive Market for their non-GMO and gluten-free options, and they also have formulas that are just as conscious about what goes into each can. And if you need toddler formula, Thrive has got you covered.

Australian Grass Fed Nutritional Milk-based Toddler Formula Powder $34.59 Buy now Sign Up

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