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TikTok Made Lizzo Buy a Euler’s Disk — AKA Your Kid’s Next (Educational) Obsession

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If TikTok has influenced many of your recent purchases lately, you’re not alone. Even Lizzo is not immune to the swaying powers of a good TikTok trend, showing off a recent science-inspired buy that you’ll want to snag for your kids immediately. And trust us when we say that you’ll be just as mesmerized by this shiny gadget as the “About Damn Time” crooner herself.


You’ll know it’s reality if the disc stops spinning

♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

The singer recently took to the viral video app to reveal the Euler’s Disk she bought. Unveiling the gadget from its box, she shared that she “saw it, and it was just so cool to me.” Showing off the slightly concave circular mirror, weighted disk, and accompanying holographic foil magnet disks, she explained how to use the toy, vertically spinning the weighted disk over the mirror as she looked directly at the camera with childlike joy in her eyes.

Euler’s Disk

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Image: Toysmith Toysmith

Toysmith Euler's Disk $38

What makes this gadget so cool is watching how fast and long the disk can spin for, providing a super unique display of light and sound that kids of all ages will marvel over… and you’ll probably be just as impressed, too.

Among the many toys that have gone viral on TikTok, #eulersdisk has racked up nearly three million views, with people low-key obsessed over the disk’s seemingly infinite ability to spin. When TikToker @thelatinoteacher shared a video demonstration of the Euler’s Disk, plenty of comments hilariously described the relatable reactions from viewers, including: “Someone out there is getting war flashbacks,” “That one cup you drop at 3am,” “My guy created unlimited energy!” and “I thought it was going to make me teleport!”

More than 1,750 Amazon reviewers love it too, with plenty citing it as a much-needed remedy for screen fatigue or even as a meditation device — and that’s without mentioning how much kids of all ages love it, too. Of course, it can serve as a cool educational tool for science-minded kiddos, but we don’t blame you if you use it to help relieve a little stress and enjoy a brief break in your day.

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