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Kylie Jenner’s Heartwarming Video Shows Baby Boy’s Face via Ultrasound

Kylie Jenner shared a glimpse of her 3-month-old baby boy’s face for the first time, and he looks so adorable! The Kylie Cosmetics founder shared a new video to Instagram yesterday, revealing the sweet video of her son, whom she shares with Travis Scott.

“Everyday should be Mother’s Day 🤍🙏🏼,” Jenner, who is also mom to Stormi, 4, wrote. “Thank you God for my two beautiful blessings.”

The beginning of the video shows Jenner’s son’s face via a 4D ultrasound, taken when she was pregnant with him. You can peep his tiny nose, pointy chin, and chubby cheeks in this quick video!

The video was recorded on July 28, 2021, when the Kylie Cosmetics founder was 23 weeks, 3 days pregnant. In the sonogram, you can see the baby’s sweet sleeping face snuggled up in his mama’s womb, with one hand resting on his forehead. He’s such a precious little guy!

Jenner’s video also includes a shot of her baby kicking her, causing her stomach to bounce. Later, she poses for maternity photos in a white button-down shirt and unbuttoned jeans, while holding Stormi. There are more shots of her in a revealing black outfit, posing with her baby bump. At the end, you can see her holding her baby boy’s tiny hand, and it will make your heart melt.

You can tell Jenner is relishing the mom life. She recently posted photos from Mother’s Day, where she enjoyed a meal with Stormi surrounded by gorgeous white flowers.

Although The Kardashians star hasn’t revealed her baby’s face or his name (after changing it from Wolf), she has shared small glimpses of him since he’s been born. This sonogram video is the closest we’ve come to seeing what he looks like, and we can already tell he’s as cute as his older sister.

These celebs have the fiercest pregnancy style, and we can’t stop staring.

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