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Ashley Graham Reveals Nude Billboard at Four Months Postpartum & Says ‘My Body Has Changed So Much’

Ashley Graham is stripping down for the world to see — or at least, for everyone who drives by her first nude billboard in Los Angeles, California, which will be unveiled on May 14. The model, who is mom to Isaac, 2, and twins Malachi and Roman, 4 months, with husband Justin Erwin, frequently bares her soul on motherhood. Now, she is baring her body, and we know it’ll be stunning!

The billboard is an ad for Spanx new Silver Linings technology, which is the first collection of all-white shorts and pants with “ultimate opacity,” so you “won’t see anything” underneath, according to the band. The billboard is up now, with a white Silver Linings fabric draped over the photo of Graham. You can’t see anything underneath it, proving how effective the fabric is! The billboard reads, “There’s a nude of Ashley Graham beneath this fabric,” — and we know you’re curious, too!

Spanx posted a video about the billboard to YouTube on May 9. “Only one thing stands between the world and Ashley Graham’s nudes,” read text over the video. It also showed Graham posing for the photo shoot in a white robe, which you can see pooling on the floor when she took it off. The quick video then offers several glimpses of her breasts (covered with her arms), her stomach, and her thighs. At the end, it also shows Graham posing in Spanx’s new white pants.

In an interview with People May 10, Graham said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been naked on a billboard before. I’m trying to remember — I’ve been modeling for so long — but I don’t think I’ve ever been naked.”

This photoshoot required Graham to channel her inner confidence, as she was only 3-and-a-half months postpartum at the time. She told People, “My body has changed so much” since giving birth, and who else can relate? But Graham has been working toward thankfulness. “I have much more gratitude toward my body because of how much work it’s been through,” she said, “but it has definitely taken time to, you know, look at my new body, and my postpartum body, and recognize it again.”

Graham added that she “had a little talk with [herself] in the mirror,” before the photoshoot. “I said, ‘Everything’s gonna be okay. You look fantastic,’” she told People. 

Recently, Graham posted a photo to Instagram breastfeeding her twins and showing off her “whacky tan lines” on her breasts. She also shared a topless selfie April 24, thanking her new body. “Hi new tummy,” she wrote. “We’ve been through a lot. Thank you. #3monthspostpartum.”

Graham’s postpartum struggles are so relatable. It’s refreshing to see how honest she is with her journey to accepting her body after pregnancy. And the way she talks to herself is beautiful — we’re definitely taking notes. BRB, counting down the days until May 14!

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