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Ashley Graham Reveals the One Thing Motherhood Has Taught Her & It’s So Relatable

The never-ending days and equally long nights of life with a baby is the new reality for model Ashley Graham — times two! Graham and husband Justin Ervin share 4-month-old twins, Roman and Malachi, in addition to their son, Issac. In a May 8 interview with WSJ Magazine, Graham dished on the one thing she’s learned since becoming a mom — and her answer is super relatable for every new mama out there.

The black-and-white filtered video of WSJ Magazine’s interview with Graham shows the smiley mom of three looking beautiful in a chunky necklace, earrings and a full-volume pony. “What’s the one thing that motherhood has taught you?” WSJ Magazine asked Graham in the interview, which was released on Mother’s Day. “Motherhood has really taught me a few things and I’ve only been a mother for ten months now,” Graham laughs. “I wonder what ten years is going to feel like as a mother.”

The model goes on to reveal a fact that seems to stand out to her the most about motherhood. “It’s interesting to understand how little sleep I actually need,” Graham says. “I had no idea.” Honestly, her answer makes perfect sense — Graham is in the middle of the beautiful, exhausting, exciting and at-times grueling 4-month mark with her twin boys, so it’s really no surprise that her ability to function on a serious lack of sleep is at the forefront of her mind.

According to her refreshingly real Instagram updates on everything from tandem breastfeeding to her postpartum body, Graham’s honesty about getting such little sleep is the reason she remains a champion for moms everywhere — seasoned or not.

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