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Gabrielle Union Shares the Best Parenting Advice She’s Ever Been Given

Gabrielle Union and her too-cute-for-words daughter — mini-me Kaavia James, who she shares with husband Dwyane Wade — are basically two peas in a pod. For starters, Kaavia is already a fashion icon like her mama (as seen in the super sweet video posted to her Instagram account about her anticipation for the 2022 Met Gala). Union has also gifted us with some of her daughter’s sassiest moments, like the time Kaavia shared imaginary cookies with everyone but her. In a new video posted to Instagram — titled, ‘A Mother’s Day Tale of 2 Ducks’ — Union and Kaavia are hilariously trying to befriend a pair of ducks. While the clip is seriously adorable (they named their new feathered pals Darnel and Doria), we can’t stop thinking about the best parenting advice Union has ever received, which she shared in the video’s caption.

After wishing her followers a happy Mother’s Day in the caption of her May 8 Instagram post, Union revealed pretty incredible advice that she aspires to follow in her own motherhood journey. “The best parenting advice I’ve been given is to understand that no two journeys are the same, so try to do what’s best for YOU and err on the side of love and compassion cuz we’re all just fumbling our way thru the best way we know how,” Union wrote. It’s reassuring to hear that even Gabrielle Union doesn’t have all the answers, and is just parenting the best way she knows how — without comparing herself to other moms.

Union also stressed the importance of being open while parenting, instead of judging another person’s parenting style. “Don’t judge and certainly don’t think that your way is the ONLY way,” she wrote. “Be open to learning and evolving while embracing accountability.”

And as for the duck friends seen in the video? Union was sure to make note of their musical preferences for the next time she and Kaavia got a visit from them, too. “Also, clearly I don’t know that ducks much prefer uptempo Luther,” Union adds.

These history-making Black moms were (and are!) paving the way for women everywhere.

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