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Paulina Porizkova Posts Touching Tribute Video Of Her Stepson Eron: ‘Biggest Blessing In My Life’

Paulina Porizkova wants everyone to know that she’s insanely proud of her stepson Eron and his budding musical career. She’s letting the world know through a touching Instagram tribute that may just bring tears to your eyes.

On May 5, Porizkova posted a moving video of her stepson Eron singing his new song and pics of the two of them when he was growing up. She posted it with a long caption, showing her love and appreciation for him. She started it by saying, “One of the biggest blessings in my life was becoming a stepmom. I met Eron when he was 12. I was 21.”

She added, “He once thoughtfully explained how he felt about me. ‘You’re not like a mom’ he said. (Since he and his brother had a wonderful mom, that was not the place I needed.) ‘You’re like a… well, not friend, but…’ he thought for a moment and then exclaimed victoriously having found the right words: ‘You are like a camp counselor!’ Best compliment ever.”

The former supermodel added, “My boys had told me Eron was working on a record and told me, ‘mom, it’s like…really great!’ Honestly, I was scared to listen. What would I say if I didn’t like it? On my first listen, in the first minute, I felt overwhelming relief. And then joy.”

She ended the post by saying, “It was great. Not just good. Great. The record has been on my playlist ever since. You can find out all about it @eronotcasek. And yeah, some of those nice “stills” are photographed by an extremely proud stepmom.”

In the post, we see throwback pics of Porizkova and Eron throughout the years, followed by snippets of Eron recording his record. We adore the mixture of touching pics and super cool recording sessions, truly showing their strong bond.

Along with being a proud stepmama, Porizkova has two sons Jonathan Raven, 28, and Oliver, 22, with late husband Ric Ocasek.

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