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Jessica Biel Revealed The Best Piece of Advice She Got During Pregnancy & It’s Exactly What Expecting Moms Need to Hear

There is no shortage of advice for expectant parents out there. Whether it comes from the Internet, well-meaning family and friends, or perfect strangers just dying to chime in with their unsolicited two cents, it seems like you’re hit with an onslaught of opinions from every direction. And it’s no different for pregnant celebrities, as Jessica Biel noted in an appearance on The Ellen Show, when she relayed that all the words of wisdom during her pregnancies had felt overwhelming.

Additionally, as anyone who has ever been pregnant knows, the advice is often conflicting. “You’re always going, ‘wait, wait, huh?’ … You have no idea what to do,” Biel said.

When Ellen asked her the best piece of pregnancy advice she had received, it was — ironically – to take all that pregnancy advice with a grain of salt.

“Everyone who’s giving you that advice had no idea what they were doing, either. So you’re gonna be fine, just go with your gut,” Biel advised. “And I felt, like, such a relief to go, ‘OK, I don’t have to take everybody’s advice because it’s not necessarily going to work for me, it’s not necessarily going to work for my baby.”

She also gave us a peek into the lives of her two kids, Silas, 7, and Phineas, 21 months – including their boundless energy. “Both of our boys never stop,” she said. “It’s constant running, and jumping off everything, and climbing up everything.”

Apparently, like dad Justin Timberlake, they also have an ear for music. Silas prefers orchestras, symphonies, and movie scores, and wants to be a DJ, while Phineas is all about guitars and percussion, and makes anything into something he can drum on … all day long.

And like most moms of toddlers, Biel is not just tired, but parent-tired. “He’s all over the place,” she says of Phineas. “We’re exhausted, but he’s so cute.”

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