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Sophie Turner’s Description of How Her & Joe Jonas’ Daughter Is Handling Becoming A Big Sister Is Too Cute

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ daughter Willa is slowly but surely figuring out that she’s going to be a big sister — and the journey is extremely adorable. Turner opened up about the one-year-old realizing that her mom is expecting another child in a recent interview with ELLE.

“I’ll point to my stomach and say, ‘What’s in there?’ And she’ll go, ‘Baby.’ But then she points to her own stomach and says, ‘Baby,’and then she’ll point to her dad’s tummy and say, ‘Baby.'” Turner said. “So, I think she just thinks that a belly is a baby and that’s the name for it.”

Still, it seems like Willa might have some sense that things are about to change in the household. “She is a lot clingier than normal, so I think she has an idea,” Turner explained. “She wants Mummy all of the time – she’s claiming her territory.”

While the idea of having a second little one in the family might be daunting for Willa, it’s very exciting for Turner. “It’s what life is about for me – raising the next generation,” she told ELLE. “The greatest thing in life is seeing my daughter go from strength to strength. We’re so excited to be expanding the family. It’s the best blessing ever.”

Turner and Jonas are careful to not post pictures of their daughter on social media (very fair) but they are open when it comes to sharing their thoughts on the incredible feeling of parenthood.

“The concept of family has made me an entirely much more emotional person. The empathy is heightened; the feelings about family are just like overflowing,” Turner told The Wrap in April. “It’s made me a better actor for becoming…a mother. Because as an actor…the only way to become a really brilliant actor is to experience as much life as possible and to bring those experiences in, and so this is just another little part of life that I’m experiencing that I get to bring in and hopefully it helps my performance one way or another.”

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