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This Easy-to-Use Lactation Massager With Over 12,000 Reviews Is Considered a ‘Lifesaver’ For New Moms

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When breastfeeding, moms try everything possible to make it the easiest experience for both themselves and their baby. There are different techniques, tips, and tricks we’ve learned from our mom friends. Sometimes they work and sometimes you need some extra help — and that’s more than okay! Thanks to Amazon, we may have found the product for new mamas everywhere.

For 35 percent off, you can snag this massager that’s been deemed a lifesaver for new mamas with painful clogged milk ducts. Many have experienced them, and if there’s a product to cure it, we’re all over it. For a limited time, grab this lactation massager for yourself or your new mama friend.

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Courtesy of LaVie LaVie.

LaVie Lactation Massager $25.99, originally $29.95 on

The LaVie Lactation Massager is a unique massager specifically designed to use while you breastfeed your children. This massager helps support your clogged ducts, improves flow, and allows for easier latching.

Now, to work it, all you have to do is turn it on! With the way it’s designed, you can use different parts of it in different ways. The first way is to use the scoop edge for moving milk forward and the second utilizes the tip for working on clogged ducts. Then the last way to use it is with the flat side to help with ongoing sensitivity.

Developed with lactation consultants, this three-in-one tool is a go-to for mamas everywhere. One of the top reviews on the product gave it five stars, saying, “After suffering blocked ducts for weeks and trying everything under the sun, this massager and sunflower lecithin turned out to be my go-to saviors.” They added, “10/10 would recommend if you are dealing w blocked ducts.”

Another review added that it’s the “best purchase” for a mom with clogged ducts. They said, “I have the unfortunate faith of getting clogged ducts at least once every few days. And trust me, I’VE TRIED EVERYTHING… If I feel a clog coming on I immediately start massaging the area, especially when the baby is feeding. It’s quiet, compact, and waterproof. Easy to charge, and easy to use. Please add this to your registry if you are a new mom. I promise, it’s a lifesaver.”

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