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Shawn Johnson’s Daughter Drew Does The Cutest Thing to Make 9-Month-Old Jett Laugh

Is there any sound more beautiful than a baby laughing? Shawn Johnson posted a video yesterday of 2-year-old Drew doing the silliest thing to make 9-month-old Jett laugh, and we can’t stop watching the absolute cuteness.

Johnson, who shares her two kids with husband Andrew East, captioned the video: “First time watching these two play 😭😂.” Jett is sitting in a highchair while Drew — who is wearing a green-and-pink spring dress with rain boots and two ponytails in her hair — stands next to him. When she wiggles her tongue and makes a “lalalala” noise, Jett dissolves into a fit of giggles. It’s pure delight!

At one point in the video, East snorts he’s laughing so hard at the cutest. He also says, “Are you kidding me?” and Johnson tells Drew, “You’re making him laugh.”

East commented on the video, “I love this so much.” Fans commented as well, including one who wrote: “Omg his squishy little face so cute.” Someone else said, “There is nothing better than when your kids laugh together ❤️ it’s a kind of happiness nothing else in life brings (at least for me) 🥰🥰.”

Last week, Johnson posted a video of her holding a naked Jett in the swimming pool. She wrote, “Life can’t get any better 😊🥰 #mamasboy.”

In an interview with SheKnows in August 2021, Johnson opened up about being a family of four. “Things are going really great,” she said. “Obviously, life is a little more chaotic, but we’re in heaven as a family of four. We’re taking this time to be with each other and wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s hard to imagine life any other way!”

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