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Mindy Kaling Looks Forward to a Particular Time of Day with Her Kids for One Hilarious Reason

Mindy Kaling’s epic humor clearly translates to her personal life as a mom. The actress and writer, who is mom to daughter Katherine, 4, and son Spencer, 19 months, just perfectly captured the way so many parents feel about those rare, calm and peaceful moments with children — you know, the very short-lived, fleeting times when no one is cranky, tired, or having a major meltdown.

For Kaling, that favorite time of day is right after dinner. “There’s this time in the early evening before my children have become demons, just after dinner that I think is really happy,” Mindy said in an  interview with People magazine for the 2022 Beautiful Issue. “Because they’re full of food and have a lot of energy, but they’re not overtired for the day.”

When her son and daughter are at this optimal point in their day, Kaling likes to make the most of their time by doing something fun together outdoors as a family. “And that’s when it’s great to go for a walk, or we run around the yard and I’ll threaten to throw my daughter into the pool. We just have a lot of fun at that time.”

Of course, there are other joyous moments Kaling experiences with her kids. Currently, she’s especially enjoying the way her son Spencer’s personality is emerging — along with his toddler-like antics and love of tires. “He’s so fun, and his personality is unlike anything in my family on either side, or like any relatives,” Kaling gushes. “He’s so full of joy and he’s not neurotic. He’s not anxious at all. He’s just a boy who loves trucks and tires. And if you show him any tire, he’ll be so happy. Like tiny, on a car, anything, he just loves it.” 

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