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10 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids to Encourage Family Bonding

Kimberly Smith

Spending quality time with the kids is a great way to build a strong, solid bond. If you feel like everyone in the household is always doing their own thing and not spending nearly enough time together, check out this list of the ten fun outdoor activities to do together. These are the activities that can keep children and adults entertained for hours. They’re also the perfect alternative to digital activities, helping you get your little ones off the electronics and outside for some fun in the sun on a nice day.


Do you recall a time in your childhood when you would play hopscotch with your friends? While this was a popular game to play outside in the 80s and 90s, most of today’s younger generation have no idea what it is or how to play it. So, why not show your children what you used to do when you were their age?

Of course, the only thing you’ll need is some chalk. First, draw your hopscotch design, and then tell your children how to hop around. You can take the traditional approach, jumping with one foot, then two feet, then one, repeat, or show them some other ways to jump around. For example, you might want to have them jump only on odd numbers or even numbers. There are a lot of ways to have fun with hopscotch!

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is another great outdoor activity that you may remember playing when you were little. You can have single jump ropes for each person in the family to use to get the hang of jumping over the rope. However, you can also have a large rope for jumping together. You might even want to show your children how to do double dutch jump rope, which is trickier, but lots of fun!

Water Balloon Fights

Who doesn’t love a good water balloon fight? You can find a bunch of balloons at the dollar store, filling them up with water and supplying each person in the household with their own bucket full of balloons. Have fun running around the backyard or even the front lawn while attempting to soak one another with the water balloons. It’s a great way to cool down on a hot day while exercising as you run back and forth!


Whether at home or the park with the kids, playing tag is another great outdoor activity worth playing as a family. Designate one person to be it when first getting started and then run around taking turns chasing one another. You can do this at home if you have a spacious backyard with plenty of space to move around. If not, head over to a local park with plenty of grass to run around on with the kiddos.

Scavenger Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt that your children will absolutely love. First, decide where you’d like to have the scavenger hunt, such as in the backyard, inside the home, or somewhere else. Once you’ve selected the spot for the scavenger hunt, make a list of everything your children will need to look for while they’re on the hunt. Don’t forget to have a prize for the person who completes the scavenger hunt before everyone else. It makes this friendly competition even more exciting for everyone involved.

Bike Riding

Take the kids out on your favorite bike trail. Even if you haven’t gone bike riding in ages, it’s the perfect way to spend quality time with the kids. You can ride together at a comfortable pace while enjoying some of the most incredible views around you. If you’re not sure where to go bicycling, consider doing a quick search beforehand to find some of the safest and nicest trails in and around your area.


Start a gardening project and get the kids to lend a helping hand. You can buy seeds to grow fruits, vegetables, and beautiful flowers. Have the kids help you with digging, planting seeds, watering, and so much more. You can also decorate the garden area with the kids by doing different crafts and painting the fence to make your backyard area look brighter and more inviting than before. Let each child pick at least one type of plant they’d like to grow in the garden to make them feel more involved in the process!

Kite Flying

Grab some kites and head outside on a relatively windy day to see them in action. Children love to see kites as they fly in the wind and sail around. They’ll be even more interested in this activity if you take the kites to the park, where they can play for a bit and run around in the open fields with their kites.

Paddle Ball

Grab the paddle balls and play with them in the backyard or even on the front lawn. See who can keep paddling the longest to turn it into a family-friendly competition. If you don’t have paddle balls, check online or at your local dollar store because they tend to sell them.

Simon Says

Remember to play a good game of old-fashioned Simon Says. If your children have never played this game before, explain the rules beforehand. See who can follow the instructions from Simon as they get more and more complicated. Whoever wins the first round gets to take on the role of Simon for the next round, and so forth. You can expect to share lots of laughs with loved ones when playing this game together.

Spend quality time with your loved ones outside while getting off the electronics and building a stronger, tighter bond. These are ten excellent activities that you can enjoy with your children and partner to make unforgettable memories. Most of these activities require little to no supplies, so you don’t even need to worry about going out and spending a lot of money on equipment to have fun with your family and bond with one another on those beautiful, warm days outside.

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