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Bindi Irwin’s Daughter Grace Warrior Shows Off Her Easter Toys In An Adorable Can’t-Miss Video

Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s daughter Grace Warrior is celebrating Easter in style — and grace! (Sorry we had to!) On April 17, Bindi posted a must-see video of Grace Warrior in her Easter shenanigans on her Instagram. She posted the video with the caption, “Groovy Easter celebrations brought to you by Grace Warrior.”

In the video, we see a happy and dancing Grace holding two different colored balls. She’s swinging them back and forth, playing with them while smiling at the camera. She’s wearing an adorable pink patterned dress and having the time of her life! Their Cocker Spaniel also appears in the video, who’s curious as to what Grace is doing.

It’s crazy that Grace is already one year of age, standing and everything! It feels like yesterday we were fawning over her first smile at the camera when she was a little baby.

Grace Warrior was born on March 25, 2021, also known as the one-year anniversary of Irwin and Powell’s wedding anniversary. Irwin has talked about the “miracle connection” between the two events, saying that they took only five minutes apart from one another. She’s held that date dear to her heart since, and we still can’t get over Grace’s first birthday party last month.

Ever since her birthday, she’s been standing in every video, to our dismay! She’s growing up so fast and we can’t wait to see how the little family celebrates more upcoming holidays.

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