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Mom Refused to Give Sister Her Second-Hand Baby Items — Is She Right?

The verdict is out on an uncomfortable sibling disagreement. A Reddit user took to Am I The A**hole to share an argument she got in with her sister over baby clothes — and here’s how the whole situation went down.

“I 28(F) have a 2 year old ‘Sophie,'” the user began. “My partner and I earn good money and my daughter has nice things. My sister (23F) is currently pregnant with a girl. I was at her house with my mom yesterday who was asking if my sister wanted to make a registry for her baby shower. My sister says ‘ok but I need to be careful not to put down all the stuff Sophie already has because I don’t want double ups.'”

The Reddit user was taken aback. She had assumed that she would be holding onto the baby clothes for when/if she decided to get pregnant again. “When I said this to her she was not happy,” the user continued. “Even my parents have said that they can’t see why I wouldn’t just hand it over to save my sister money and effort because that’s what family does. They’ve said that it can all just get handed back to me once my sister is finished with it and I may not even have another baby anyway.”

The Reddit user added that her sister can “absolutely” afford her own baby items.  “I don’t think that saving my sister money is my responsibility,” she wrote. “I have seen the wear and tear from one child on the stuff I paid for and don’t want another kid using it in between. If I wasn’t to have another baby I could sell this stuff online and potentially get back hundreds of dollars.”

Now, the user wants to know: “AITA?”

The general consensus was no, she was not.

“One thing I learned from letting someone ‘borrow’ something for an extended period of time is there’s a good chance you won’t see it again,” one person commented. “Not only is it your right as it’s your belongings, but it’s just practical to save things for another child if you are considering it. You had to spend money on your child, your sister will have to spend for hers. That’s just how life works when one chooses to be a parent.”

Another person added: “You bought them for your child. Not for her. She can’t expect you to just hand it over especially if you might have other children. Even if you don’t, you can sell them . It’s not their business what you do with it. I would just tell her to create a registry and leave it alone.”

Others warned that they had their own bad experiences with loaning baby accessories. “I loaned a baby bouncer to a friend (I was done having kids, but it was a gift from my father who lives overseas),” someone wrote. “Turns out she ‘loaned’ it to someone else without asking and that person never returned it. So annoying.”

Where do you land? Should she give the clothing to her sister or keep them for herself?

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