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Gabrielle Union’s New Video of Daughter Kaavia Shows She’s Already Just As Sassy As Her Mom

Gabrielle Union’s newest update of her daughter Kaavia shows that she’s just as sassy (if not more so) than her superstar mama.

On April 9, Union posted a hilarious video on her Instagram that has us rolling. She posted the video of Kaavia with the caption, “Big “PICK ME” energy from this one. Girl, getchu some boundaries. 🙏🏾 be a fence.”

In the video, we see Union on the couch with Kaavia standing, giving Union’s friends imaginary cookies. Union speaks up saying, “I didn’t get mine.” Kaavia looks back with all the sass in the world, saying “Ha, yes you have!” Not only are we and the camera person cackling, but Union’s face was hysterical. Union looked shocked at her daughter’s sassy response, clearly taken aback.

Union said, “But you’re just throwing them away! Can mommy have one more?” Kaavia responds by saying, “You already had one!” They banter back and forth until Kaavia literally jumps off the bed and out of the conversation. Truly, we love this video and we can already tell Kaavia is as sassy as can be!

Back in Nov. 2018, Union and her husband Dwyane Wade welcomed Kaavia into the world via surrogate. Union also mothers Wade’s three children from previous relationships: Zaire, 19, Zaya, 14, and Xavier, 8. In a previous interview with We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle podcast, she said “Understand that you are never gonna be their parent, but you can be a consistent, loving, compassionate adult in their life that they can always count on. And you need to be the sanctuary in the storm.”

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