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Gabrielle Union’s Daughter Kaavia James Defends Her Daddy in Cute New Video

Kaavia James may look like her mom, Gabrielle Union, but she is definitely a Daddy’s girl. In a new video posted to Instagram April 7, the 3-year-old girl is absolutely indignant that her dad, Dwyane Wade, isn’t in Union’s new film.

The actress posted a selfie video showing her watching Netflix’s Cheaper by the Dozen with her daughter. Union stars as Zoey Baker in the film, who is the mom in a blended family of 12 with husband Paul Baker (Zach Braff). But if it were up to Kaavia, her dad should have starred.

“Who this man?” Kaavia asks her mom in this adorable video.


Union asks her daughter, “Who’s on the TV?” and she responds, “My mommy!” Then Union says, “Is it me?” and her daughter nods. But when she asks, “Is that Daddy?” Kaavia gets upset. “That’s not Daddy, Mommy!”

Luckily, Kaavia has a plan to make it all better. “I want to be on a movie with my dad,” she says. Union clarifies, “You’re going to do a different movie? Cheaper by the Dozen 2 that’s going to star you and your dad with, like, a different mom?” and Kaavia sassily replies, “Yeah.” This girl does not mess around!

Union captioned the video, “@kaaviajames don’t play about her Daddy!” She also tagged her co-star, Braff, and said, “We in danger girl.”

Singer Kelly Rowland commented on the video, “She is so damn cute!!!!” and actress Octavia Spencer wrote, “I looooooove her.”

When it comes to her dad, Kaavia is fiercely protective. If this little girl starred in a movie, we would definitely watch!

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