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Contain Your Kid’s Pokémon Obsession With a New Pokémon Card Binder (On Sale!)

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If you’ve got a Pokémon-obsessed kiddo, then you’ve probably got Pokémon cards coming out your ears. Maybe literally, since they seem to be everywhere else in the house. You find them in couch cushions, in drawers, sticking out of books, scattered all over the floor … Pokémon cards ad infinitum. And with every birthday, holiday, or just-because occasion, the collection grows. It gets to the point where you’d like to throw them away, but do you dare? After all, they could be valuable. Not to mention your kid would have a fit.

Parents, we feel you. We are you. Which is why we’re alerting you to the fact that Amazon has some killer deals on Pokémon card binders right now — because you can never have too many places to put those cards. (Seriously, are they multiplying?!)

These binders are all enthusiastically kid-approved, because we ran each one by our in-house experts … a couple of Pokémon-loving 9-year-olds who proclaimed them “Siiiiick.” Which, as we understand, is what the youngsters are currently using as a form of praise. Who are we to judge? We said things like “rad”, after all.

Anyway, these Pokémon card binders are a win-win: you get to preserve your kid’s beloved collection and save yourself from finding so many cards in random places. We know we’re clicking “add to cart.” Psst … don’t forget to check for coupons, as some of these are coupon deals.

First up: made of scratch-resistant and waterproof polyurethane leather, this 9-pocket binder holds up to 720 cards in 40 double-sided protective sheets. It zips closed for security, and has a wrist strap for easy carrying.

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Image: Othran

Othran 9-Pocket Binder $27.99 on

This binder’s 50 pages of protective sheets will hold up to 400 cards. It’s waterproof and durable, and its quality zipper and double suture ensures that your kid won’t lose any of the binder’s precious cargo.

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Image: Hozzi

Who doesn’t love a good Poké Ball motif? This fun binder contains 50 pages of acid-free and waterproof card sleeves with a 400-card capacity.

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Image: yocilcil

Pika Pika! This trading card binder, featuring a fierce-looking Pikachu against a black background, holds up to 400 cards — and its 3-ring design allows you to easily add more protective sleeves for an even bigger collection. Plus, it’s 40% off right now when you apply the included coupon!

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Image: iMiibel

There’s something so charming about this Charmander! After all, his double-sided pages hold up to 440 Pokémon cards, zipped up safely in his waterproof outer case. (And, he’s 15% off with a coupon!)

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The extra-thick cover on this #1 bestselling pink themed Pokémon card binder features likenesses of Skitty and Sylveon, and it holds up to 440 cards.

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Image: TCGames

TCGames 440-Card Binder $19.99 on

This bright and cheerful binder is sturdy and waterproof with a strong zipper and secure wrist strap. 50 pages of sheets can hold up to 400 cards. And it also comes in black with yellow lightening bolts!

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Image: Geecow

Geecow 400-Card Binder $14.44 on

As a bonus, all of these Pokémon card binders can hold plenty of other things too — from game trading cards to sports cards to mini Polaroid pictures. So even if your kid gets tired of Pokémon (because, kids), the binder will still be able to accommodate their next collection obsession.


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