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Parents Shared the Eeriest Things Their Kids Have Said to Them in Viral Twitter Thread

Buckle up for an onslaught of creepiness. Writer Lilah Sturges asked Twitter for the eeriest things they’ve ever heard a child say and the responses are…quite something. Sturges kicked it off by sharing her own cryptic experience.

“When my daughter was around 4-5, she calmly insisted that she had once been married to a man named Brad Huffington,” Sturges wrote. “When we asked what had happened to him she replied with a note of sadness, ‘He was lost at sea.'”

Sturges was flooded with parents telling their own personal anecdotes, each one more bizarre and spine-tingling than the next.

Some kids seemed to indicate that they were possibly reincarnated. “When my son was around 4 or 5 he said ‘Do you remember back when I was big and you were little and we used to eat lunch by the river?'” one Twitter user wrote. “He’s named after my grandfather who used to take me to the river for picnics.”

Another added: “My father [died] years before my son was born and we were estranged for years. Once, when I was putting my kid to bed he started to cry and said ‘You are a better dad to me than I was to you.'”

Then, there were the kids who seemed to have way, way too much knowledge about their family’s history. “My daughter would stand up in her crib and wave and say ‘hi see saw!’ on a regular basis,” a user wrote. “One day she saw an old photo of my recently passed grandfather as a young man. She got really excited and yelled ‘SEE SAW!!’ His name was Cecil.”

Other children spoke earnestly about their apparent past lives. “Until my son was about 3, he used to casually refer to ‘the last time I was alive’ and things he used to do or people he knew. once he said ‘i died in a fire…ugh, i did not like that,'” one mom wrote. “Eventually this stopped lol.”

Then there was this terrifying anecdote. “My son felt ‘new’ when he was born but my daughter (second child) felt very familiar to me. I sort of assumed it was, like, oh, I’m just used to motherhood now. But in the back of my mind it felt like I SAW this baby before!” a Twitter user recalled. “When she was 3 or so, I was driving and we stopped at a stop sign. From the back, she remarks ‘Oh, remember? You didn’t stop before. That’s where we died last time.'”

Some parents found that the best solution to creepiness was just to leave it well alone.

“My 3yo would sit and stare at the same corner of the ceiling and say he was looking at the Hahas,” a Twitter user explained. “Responding to questions, he said Hahas were all black, had no eyes, no face, but a big mouth, and sometimes they hang on the staircase too, and then we stopped asking questions.”

Guess none of us are sleeping tonight!

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