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Pregnant Woman Says Husband’s Preferred Baby Name Will Make Child a ‘Social Pariah’ — Is She Right?

Who’s up for ruling on this big argument? A pregnant woman is sickened by her husband’s favorite baby name, which honors his late grandpa — and is associated with “abhorrent and downright evil” crimes.

The pregnant wife wrote to Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” in search of advice, explaining that there’s “a stir on both sides of the family.” She wrote, “Now, my husband absolutely idolized his grandpa, who, unfortunately, passed away last week. My husband is devastated, especially about the notion that his children will never meet their great-grandpa who their father adored so much.”

The man wants to name their unborn child after Gramps, either Theodore if it’s a boy or Theodora if it’s a girl. “Either way, we will either call them Teddy, or Theo/Thea respectively,” she wrote. “It’s not that I mind the name, the issue is that our last name is Bounde; pronounced bun-dee.”

Ted Bundy was one of the America’s most famous serial killers, executed in 1989 after confessing to 30 murders, although it’s believed that he murdered many more.

However, the husband sees no valid association between the name and the murderer. “I told him he needs to think about how we will be perceived, how our child will be treated, and the implications that that name inherently carries,” wrote the wife. “I literally had to spell out why that would be a horrible idea, and he still thinks I just hate his grandpa.”

She called his name “idiotic at best, sociopathic at worst”, continuing, “His family is obviously on his side and wants to honor Grandpa via naming the baby after him. My parents are torn but on my side, as they understand the social pariah we would make our child by giving them such a similar name to the person who did such abhorrent and downright evil things to so many women.”

Basically, all of Reddit took the wife’s side. “As a fan of true crime, and person with a degree in criminal psychology, I instantly cringed reading this,” a commenter wrote. “Your child will be bullied and ridiculed their entire life with that name. Parents need to agree on a name for their child, one parent does not get a unilateral decision” suggesting that, should she lose the battle, that she change the name on the baby’s birth certificate.

“Imagine being an employer and having two very similar potential candidates,” said a reader. “There’s no way that your name won’t be a factor in their decision. Which sounds best to the customers? The serial killer named one, or the one with nothing of note about their name?”

Some knew the burden of a famous name: “I have a friend who has a very similar name to a well-known serial killer,” they wrote. “He has to wind up basically apologizing for his name wherever he goes, even though he has absolutely no relation to the guy. It’s pretty sad.”

“My initials were KKK growing up,” someone shared. “Not on purpose, my parents did not put that together. The kids at school however, did so quickly. I was labeled a klan member for a decade.”

But the best answers were solution-oriented: “You and your husband change your last name to your maiden name. No more issue with using Teddy. Unless your maiden name is Ruxpin…” and “Maybe they could give their child a middle name based on grandpa’s middle name.”

We’re just praying this baby gets a name that they can be proud of!

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