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Hilary Duff Hilariously Chronicled What It’s Like to Travel with Kids

Are you ready to feel very, very seen? Hilary Duff shared a series of snapshots from her time on an airplane with her kids, 3-year-old Banks and 1-year-old Mae — and it was all incredibly relatable content.

First off, Duff shared an Instagram story of herself with baby Mae, who only managed to fall asleep for fifteen minutes out of an almost six hour long flight. As her daughter rustled around, Duff held up a sign that she made out of one of the airplane’s vomit bags that read: “Save me!”

Next, Duff shared that she had decided to forgive her daughter because she couldn’t get too mad at the very adorable baby with a very adorable gap between her teeth. Banks, meanwhile, was “a champ” as she happily ate a lollipop. Matthew Koma, Duff’s husband, held up his middle finger, which feels like a fair assessment of what it’s like to travel. “This one was fed up,” Duff wrote.

Thankfully, once the group got off the plane, everything fell into place. “All in one piece,” Duff captioned a snapshot of the whole family together. “Party of Five.” Later, she shared another family photo and told her followers that she was getting into her PJs every night at 6pm. Honestly, who could ask for a better vacation schedule?

Duff is leaning into the madness of motherhood. In an interview with PEOPLE last year, the mother-of-three shared that she’s enjoying all of the frenetic energy that comes along with raising a family. “I have help, but babies just want their mom. Even Luca is still like, ‘Mom, Mom, Mom.’ Mom cooks the thing the right way, and Mom packs the bag the right way. It’s crazy,” she said. “It’s a learning curve to throw a newborn into the mix. A lot of people have been like, ‘That third kid really gets you.’ And they’re right!”

Plus, the How I Met Your Father star added: “I’m so in love with all my kids and I love this mayhem.”

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