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Rihanna Says Pregnancy Renewed Respect For Her Own Mom: ‘She’s The True MVP’

Pregnancy didn’t just upgrade Rihanna’s style and beauty drill — it created more appreciation for her own mother.

“Today is my Queen’s birthday!!!” the Take a Bow singer wrote on Instagram on a throwback photo of herself and her mother Monica Braithwaite. “Being on the verge of motherhood, unlocked new levels of love and respect I have for my mommy in a way that I could never explain!”

Rihanna, whose partner is rapper A$AP Rocky, wrote: “She’s the true MVP and I wanna give her her flowers every second I can! Love you mumzzzz!!! Happy Birthday! We gon celebrate on da link up!”

Pregnancy has overturned a lot for Rihanna, who last month told ELLE that she was testing new beauty tricks in her third trimester. “There’s a pregnancy glow,” she said. “There’s also those days, girl. Especially in the third trimester where you wake up and you’re like, oh, do I have to get dressed? Makeup for sure helps you feel like a real person. I just focused a lot on moisturizing and on contouring.”

Rihanna might be taking a page from Braithwaite’s book. In a 2020 Vogue interview with her rapper partner, she named her mom as her “number one beauty icon” explaining, “My entire concept of beauty came from her. I was always so intrigued by her. I wanted to dress like her. I wanted to look like her. I wanted to do my hair like her, do my makeup like her … I had the best teacher, my mom.”

We’re sure that Braithwaite’s parenting rubbed off on her famous daughter, but there’s room for one more role model: Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey who Rihanna told ELLE “does not play about her kids.”

“She will flatten you about those kids,” she noted. “And that resonates with me a lot because I feel like that’s the type of mom I’m going to be. Psycho about it.”

These celeb parents have gotten very real about their kids growing up.

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