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Gwen Stefani Says ‘Everything’ She Does Embarrasses Her Kids

There’s no way that Gwen Stefani could ever be “embarrassing” — right? Well, the rock star’s three sons say otherwise.

The singer, who shares Kingston, 15, Zuma, 13, and Apollo, 8, with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, confessed that during Ellen DeGeneres’ “Burning Questions segment, in which celebrities answer personal questions without much time to think.

Reflecting on her Ellen appearances, each of which occurred before the births of her sons, Stefani shared that her eldest child had just gotten his driver’s permit, though she was unwilling to divulge more information. “I better not talk about him. I don’t want to embarrass him,” she said.

To attest to that fact, when DeGeneres asked, “What’s something you do that embarrasses your kids?” Stefani said with a smile, “Everything.”

Although we can’t understand this, Stefani’s restraint and cognizance of how fame impacts her main role as mother is laudable. In 2016, a few months after she and Rossdale ended their marriage (they wed in 2002), she told Harper’s Bazaar that she wouldn’t reveal everything about her personal life out of respect for her children.

“As a famous person, you start to think, ‘I can’t say all that because I’ll embarrass them or hurt them in some way.’ And especially now because they can see everything and hear everything.”

It helps to understand that every parent, simply by existing, will eventually shame their kids (yes, even A-list celebrities), especially during adolescence when children make friendships that continue to support their identities. Gwen, we back you on this!

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