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Chris Stapleton Made a Rare Admission of Dad Guilt While Accepting His Grammy

While the Grammys are all about celebrating the best in music, the evening also serves as an opportunity for winners to highlight the support systems that helped them win Grammy gold. Among tonight’s winners, country crooner Chris Stapleton put a spotlight on his twins, who celebrated their birthday today. He also got very real about the sacrifices he and his family have had to make in order for his career to flourish, and his words really struck a chord.

Upon winning the Grammy for Best Country Album for Starting Over, Stapleton highlighted his family and gave his twins a sweet shout-out. “I’m a dad of five, today is my twins’ birthday — they’re four years old, so I’m thinking a lot about sacrifice,” Stapleton shared. “I missed out on some of their birthdays. Everybody in this room has made some kind of sacrifice,” he continued.

“I know that it hurts sometimes but hopefully we’re all doing it so that we make the world a better place and the people live in it love each other and have a good time together and come together.” Stapleton and his wife Morgane are incredibly protective of their kids. But at such a career highpoint as the Grammys, it was really touching to see the singer take a moment not only to send some love to his twins, but also reiterate just how much sacrifice Stapleton and his family have to make in order for him to get on the Grammys stage.

As of tonight, Stapleton is now a seven-time Grammy-winner. Clearly, it’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication to his craft for the singer to achieve such a feat. But we love how he recognized the sacrifices his family has made in order for him to walk onto that stage tonight.

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