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Help Make Bedtime Easier for Everyone With These Blackout & Noise-Reducing Curtains From Amazon on Rare Sale for Under $30

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When nap time rolls around, anything can break it. By that we mean a single loud sound from outside can awaken your kiddo, or even the sunlight peeking through the windows can jolt them awake — it’s a bit of a struggle. We already snagged the white-noise machine, read the natural methods of properly using aromatherapy, and everything in between. But sometimes, something outside can wake up our kids, leaving us to clean up the mess.

However, there’s a product on Amazon that may solve the outside problem. We’ve seen blackout curtains before; it’s nothing new. But these blackout curtains on super rare sale can do so much more, including helping reduce noise and control temperature.

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Courtesy of BGment BGment.

BGment Curtains $29.89, originally $47.89 on

The BGment Curtains are a double-layered set of curtains that reduce light and sound, leaving your children in a blanket of peace while they’re napping. These curtains both block light 100 percent and block disturbing noise from outside. Along with that, the double-padded decor pieces add another layer of comfort to your bedroom because they help balance room temperature.

Available in an array of sizes and colors, these curtains can fit any room’s aesthetic easily. Don’t worry; they’re super easy to install like any other curtains. With over 3,500 views and nearly five stars on Amazon, it’s no wonder they’re becoming a must-have in homes everywhere.

One of the top Amazon reviews said they slept like a baby, saying, “Best blackout drapes out there, tried several others before I found ones that really deserve the name blackout.” Another added, “…Great color, not very heavy, looks exactly like the description said and does exactly what I was expecting when I made the purchase.”

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