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Drew Scott & Linda Phan Talk Infertility – & What They Weren’t Expecting About Expecting

Drew Scott and Linda Phan just got really candid about their complex road to pregnancy. The couple, who are expecting a child this spring, opened up about initial struggles with infertility in the latest issue of Reveal, a quarterly lifestyle magazine from Scott and his brother Jonathan.

“Not getting pregnant right away was a wake-up call for both of us,” the duo explained. “As much as we tried to, we could not DIY this one! Like any big project, you have to put together the right team. Aside from the healthcare pros we’ve been so fortunate to work with, we also count our blessings that our family and friends have been a support throughout this whole adventure.”

The most “vital” part of the experience, they added, was speaking to couples who had gone through the same experiences they did.

The duo are far from alone in their pregnancy struggles. Mayo Clinic reports that 10%-15% of couples in the United States are considered infertile, which means they are not able to get pregnant despite having consistent, unprotected sex for at least a year.

“I was just so anxious and sad that maybe it was too late for us,” Phan said, looking back on the experience. “And then I’d feel dumb for waiting so long, for not having given a thought to whether I wanted kids. (Spoiler alert: I do.) I’d think, I should have worked harder to plan for this, and feel silly that I ignored the possibility that it might not be easy. And then I’d feel optimistic again. Then the next month it would be the same cycle of emotions.”

When the couple found out that they were expecting a child, Scott recalled being “oddly calm,” which felt like a confusing emotion at the time.

“In retrospect we realize that we had been building up to this moment; we had been in it every minute of every day,” he explained. “We saw the progress, felt the setbacks, assembled the right support network of specialists, family, and friends, and did all that we could leading up to reveal day.”

All the congratulations to this future mom and dad! We can’t wait to see all the cool DIY kids projects that are in store.

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