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Viral TikTok Shows a Teacher Perfectly Handling the Awkward ‘Where Do Babies Come From’ Question

The “where do babies come from” question is always bound to be a little bit awkward. But what if you had to answer it unexpectedly, in front of a classroom full of students? Mrs. Nancy Bullard, a science teacher from Charlotte, NC, encountered that very situation when she returned to work after her maternity leave. In a viral TikTok, which has amassed 1.4 million likes, Bullard was asked the all important question and — spoiler alert — she handled it like a total pro.

The video starts with an innocent Q&A session between Bullard and her students. It was her first day back in the classroom and she wanted to know if there were any questions she could answer about her newborn.

I love my job 😅😂😆 #scienceteacher #kidssaythedarnestthings #learnontiktok

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“Did baby Sam ever cry before?” one student asked, to which Bullard responded: “Oh yeah!” Other questions included the baby’s timeline for walking (“He’s only three months old. For now he just lays there and smiles”) along with his food preferences (just milk for now).

Then, things got … very real. “Where do babies come from?” a student called out. Bullard, ever the professional science teacher, had a swift answer. “They come from an organ called your uterus,” she replied. That straightforward response earned Bullard many, many fans on TikTok, who complimented her on how she handled the potentially sticky situation.

“You didn’t miss a beat on the ‘where do babies come from’ question,” one user wrote. “I love the factual, honest answer!” Another added: “I love that you didn’t BS them on where babies come from.”

For Bullard’s part, the whole incident was the perfect welcome back-to-school moment for her. “I love my job 😅😂😆,” she captioned the video. “#scienceteacher #kidssaythedarnestthings #learnontiktok.”

Petition for Mrs. Bullard to answer any and all questions on the reproductive process. Please and thank you.

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