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This Pregnant Woman’s In-Laws Refuse to Believe Her Unborn Baby is a Girl — Because They Want a Boy

An expecting mom has cut off contact with her in-laws after they denied the sex of her unborn child, then thew her a baby shower to celebrate her imaginary son.

The woman wrote to Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” section to paint what happened after learning she was having a girl — disheartening info to her husband (who cried) and her in-laws who were hoping for a boy to name after a late family member. “My husband and his family had me do things like attend prayers and do other rituals before the reveal at the [doctor’s],” wrote the original poster. “I didn’t like that but went with it to keep the peace.”

Expressing “frustration and disappointment” at the test results, her in-laws decided they would still call their grandchild a boy. “I had several fights with them after they refused to stop it, and my husband sided with them despite seeing how wrong and unreasonable what they were doing was,” wrote the woman. “We didn’t speak for a while.”

However, her sister-in-law apologized and invited her to the baby shower — that had blue decorations and a blue cake with icing that spelled out the name of the deceased loved one. “I was so confused I had to sit down,” wrote the OP explaining that her in-laws were “still hoping” the test was wrong.

When the woman’s husband agreed with his family, who she called “delusional,” they got into a yelling match. “…My husband followed me outside and started arguing about how I insulted his family and his dad’s memory by acting like that,” she wrote. “I told him to wake up and see the insanity in his family’s behavior. He said they needed time to process the fact that it’s a girl, not a boy as they expected, and insisted I play along” for the time being.

She refused and took an Uber ride home and her husband expects her to apologize to his family.

Reddit had a bigger idea. “Unless you want your daughter raised by a bunch of misogynists, I would seriously consider getting out of there NOW,” advised a reader.

“So…. you already know how your daughter is going to be treated in this family,” wrote someone. “Time to take a nice hard look at how your life, between now and when you die, will be and what your daughter’s life will be like and make some hard decisions.”

“Lets ignore your in-laws, they are delusional … but the much bigger problem is your husband who is enabling this,” someone commented. “HE needs to apologize and promise to you that he will change his honestly rotten behavior and you have to think about your future.”

A few said that the expecting mother was behaving like a doormat. “But let’s be clear. It is evident you are very good at ignoring red flags,” one wrote. “They told you what to name your kid and you were fine with it? They made you practice all sorts of rituals and you just went along? Girl, you need to set your boundaries.”

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