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A Longtime Royal Insider Says Will & Kate Parent Just Like Princess Diana

When it comes to family time, Prince William has taken a page directly out of his mom’s book. Princess Diana’s former chef Darren McGrady opened up to Coffee Friend about the similarities between the late royal and her son — offering a sweet, intimate look at their parenting styles.

“The princess always wanted the boys to be more ‘normal’ by letting them experience things as royal children and then just ordinary children,” the chef said, per Marie Claire. “You definitely see that with William and Kate now.”

In both households, McGrady noted, there was a relaxed, communal feel, especially in the kitchen. “One of the things with William I have noticed is that, like Diana, he and his family love to cook, they love to be together and doing things together,” McGrady explained. “They also, like the princess, allow their children to be children. You see them eating cookies, you see them even making cookies.”

There wasn’t much formality to life in Kensington Palace, he added. “It was family style, all the food was placed on the sideboard for the princess and the boys to help themselves. If she wanted a coffee, she preferred instant. She would come in the kitchen and make herself one and offer to make me one.”

From everything we’ve heard about Princess Diana and her parenting style, the royal was determined to give her two sons a grounded upbringing. In the Channel 5 documentary Diana: Queen of Hearts?, Royal author Andrew Morton noted that the princess didn’t want the boys to grow up thinking “the whole world was 4×4 Range Rovers, shotguns and nannies.”

Morton said that Princess Diana would take William and Harry on private charity visits from a young age and give them pocket change, so they would understand how “normal” people lived. In turn, William is trying to instill those same values in his three children.

“[William and Kate] have developed this brilliant knack of letting as much as they can seem spontaneous and that’s how the children see it,”  Morton said. “Table manners, thank-you letters and little courtesies are being drilled into the children so they become automatic.”

It must be a tricky balancing act but we’re so impressed how much normalcy is being drilled into life at Kensington Palace.

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