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Encanto Star Stephanie Beatriz Says Motherhood ‘Made Me Really Appreciate My Body’

Encanto star Stephanie Beatriz gained a lot of knowledge through motherhood — such as the importance of loving her body.

The actress and singer shared with TODAY at Sunday’s Vanity Fair Oscar Party how her eight-month-old daughter Rosaline, whom she shares with her cinematographer husband Brad Hoss, has brightened her self-perception.

“But honestly, I think it’s the way that it made me understand myself and my relationship with my body,” Beatriz told TODAY. “Because I think a lot of women struggle with body dysmorphia, eating disorders, disordered eating, and I think weirdly, having a kid made me go, ‘Oh what do I want this person to know about their body? And so it made me really appreciate my body and myself much more.”

In 2017, Beatriz wrote on Instagram that she was changing her perspective about her body. “….As someone who is actively seeking recovery from disordered eating, I’m starting to understand how I kept myself from enjoying life by limiting what I believed was possible for me,” she wrote. “I thought I didn’t deserve to feel really happy, that I wasn’t ‘worth it’ and that I only REALLY deserved it if I was super duper skinny. Somehow if I could achieve THAT, I deserved all the good things around me, and without that I just didn’t. So I stopped listening to my instincts, and I used lots of techniques to dull my feelings. but I’m not interested in anything but authenticity [right now], and though I’m terrified, I’m super ready to learn more and more about who I am and to celebrate EVERYTHING about myself…”

Today, Beatriz is happy to pass down those messages to the daughter. But she’s learning as well — as the actress told TODAY of Rosaline, “Truly the gift that she gave me was loving myself a lot more because I want her to love herself. I don’t want her to get caught up in all the bullsh*t like so many of us are. I want her to feel like she’s above it or at least feel like it doesn’t matter what people say because i know my own worth.”

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