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Jimmy Fallon’s Sweet New Kids’ Book, Nana Loves You More, is Available for Pre-Order Today

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Just how much do grandmothers love their grandchildren? Jimmy Fallon is here to answer that big question with a new picture book that’s available for pre-order right now — and coming out officially on March 29th.

Nana Loves You More, which is already a #1 bestseller on Amazon, comes with a sweet, multigenerational message. “This is for all the NANAs out there, whether you go by Grandma, Gammy, Meemaw, GG or Abuela. I know you love NANA, but NANA loves you more!” Fallon wrote on Instagram. The book is Fallon’s fifth foray into children’s literature — and all of his works have landed on top of the New York Times bestsellers list, so you know it’s going to be a good read.

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Here’s a quick preview of just how deep a grandmother’s adoration runs. “How much does Nana love you?” the comedian writes. “More than the moon? More than the stars? More than all of the planets by far!” It’s clear that the comedian and host of The Tonight Show understands firsthand how important the relationship between grandchildren and grandparents can be.

At the height of the pandemic in 2021, he told PEOPLE he was disappointed that his kids, Frances, 7, and Winnie, 8, weren’t able to see their older relatives.  “My dad has some underlying conditions, it’s tough. And so yeah, no, my kids haven’t really spent time with their grandparents all year,” Fallon said. “They’re really looking forward to that. It’s gotta be emotional, man.” 

Fallon is just as big of a reader as he is a writer. The comedian has been reading to his two kids from the very beginning and is a big advocate of children’s literature. “It started really young,” Fallon told Fatherly in 2020. “I didn’t stop even though they didn’t understand what a book was. They’re reading to me now. I like to read and my wife likes to read.”

So, what’s the coolest thing about getting to write a children’s book? “You feel like a teacher almost. It’s so rewarding,” Fallon said. “You get a buzz if you can teach a kid something.”


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