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These Preemie Twins Were Given a Zero Percent Chance of Survival — Now, Against All Odds, They’re Strong Enough to Go Home

Just 22 weeks and 5 days into her pregnancy, Jade Crane gave birth to premature twins. They arrived so early that Jade and her husband Steve were told that the babies had no chance of survival. They couldn’t even be considered “legally viable,” according to Good News Network, and the newborns immediately earned the title of “U.K.’s most premature twins.”

Then, something incredible happened.

Harley and Harry Crane survived. They spent five months in the intensive care unit and then were finally strong enough to go home.

“They’re doing absolutely amazing. They’re doing all the things that we were told they wouldn’t do — they’re crying, they’re surviving. It’s really emotional,” Steve told Good News Network. “140 days ago we didn’t think we’d be here.”

The twins were born with lung issues and gastrointestinal problems, both of which were considered fatal. They had six operations and 25 blood transfusions between them, according to BBC.

Their birth was the cumulation of a long, painful journey for Steve and Jade, who had experienced three miscarriages and went through 11 years of IVF. When Harley and Harry were born, Jade immediately started googling premature twins, trying to find some shred of hope on the internet.

“I found a set of twins in America who had survived—they’re four now. I’ve connected with their mum on Instagram and she guided me through the first few days of being in the unit and what to ask for,” she said. Jade and Steve started chronicling their story on Instagram, celebrating each victory — from the first bath time to tubes being removed. And then there was the heartbreakingly sweet moment when Harley and Harry were reunited together for the first time since delivery.

Steve was sure to give a shoutout to everyone in the hospital who helped save the day. “The absolutely stunning doctors, nurses, and surgeons have all been part of the making of this moment,” he told Good News Network. “It’s hard to say goodbye to them but I hope I never see them again.”

Congratulations to the whole Crane family! We’re so glad that the twins are home safe and sound.


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