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Lenny Kravitz Shared the Extra-Special History Behind Daughter Zoë Kravitz’s SNL Performance

Lenny Kravitz is one proud dad. The rockstar posted a loving message to congratulate daughter Zoë on her first time hosting Saturday Night Light this past weekend, alongside two candid backstage photos.

“To see you shine in the same building where your grandparents met and worked was surreal,” he wrote on Instagram. “You were perfection. I love you endlessly.”

There’s an extra-special history tied to Zoë’s Saturday Night Live appearance. Her grandparents, Sy Kravitz and Roxie Roker, met in that very same building — 30 Rockefeller Plaza — when Kravitz was an NBC News assignment editor and Roker was a secretary. Kravitz would go on to become a producer at NBC and Roker landed a regular role on the The Jeffersons.

In a sweet interview with PEOPLE back in 2020, Lenny revealed that he modeled his relationship with Zoë after his mom’s relationship with her father.

“Zoë and I have a very open dialogue. We can talk about anything and everything,” Kravitz explained. “My mother and my grandfather had a very close relationship—to the point where, as a teenager, I thought it was ridiculous. They loved each other, and they valued each other. So when I see the relationship between Zoë and myself, I see the relationship between my mother and my grandfather. It makes me very happy that we’ve elevated to that level.”

The singer-songwriter is always delighted to share proud dad moments of Zoë on Instagram, particularly cute candid shots. “Happy Birthday, Zoë,” he wrote, alongside a snapshot of the two at the beach. “So many more castles to build together. I love you endlessly.”

Zoë also got some love from her stepfather Jason Momoa, who plugged her Saturday Night Live appearance multiple times on Instagram. “I am so proud of you! You killed it!” Momoa wrote. “Aloha p bear.”

We’re very here for this ultra-supportive, blended family.

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