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A Collection of Sadly-Relatable Tweets About How Much Daylight Saving Time Sucks With Kids

Fellow parents, if you too are slogging through the post-daylight-saving-time doldrums today, we raise our extra large tankards of coffee to you. What is it about an hour’s time change, in either direction, that can absolutely derail your entire family’s wellbeing?! “Spring forward” and “fall back” sounds like something energetic and fun — like some revolutionary way to put a pep in your step — but really, it’s just code for “let’s throw everyone’s sleep schedules into a tailspin, bwahahaha.” There’s no doubt that it can mess with you no matter what your station in life, but for anyone who has to navigate the time change with little kids, it seems like an evil double whammy. And parents feeling the pinch are taking to Twitter to commiserate.

And we sense some major sarcasm here:

To be honest, we’re … not even quite sure how to explain this whole mess to the little ones. Or why it’s even still a thing.

Because they really, really don’t care — all they (and we!) know is that they’re extra cranky.


As a result, parents are suffering the consequences – and we’re just straight up not having a good time, bro.

Not even celebrity parents are immune to the wrath of daylight saving time.

It’s even messing with our Wordle scores. Hmmph.

We can hope all we want to that this will finally be the age where we’ll find that mysterious “extra hour” that daylight saving time reportedly brings, buuuuut …

There may be arguments for daylight saving time, but if there are any that make up for the hell that is enduring daylight saving time when you’re a parent, we have yet to hear them. All we hear is the sound of our cranky kids … and our jaws cracking when we yawn.


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