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Parents Swear By This $22 Colic-Relieving Pillow That ‘Works Like Magic’

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Many parents told you when you were expecting to watch out for colic, and prepare yourselves because it’s a doozy. Colic is an extremely common phenomenon in newborns where the babies experience prolonged, intense crying spouts, according to Mayo Clinic. While it typically declines after the first four months of life, it can last longer and still be painful for everyone involved while they’re going through it. And it breaks our hearts that they’re in pain. While they’re dealing with the pain and anger, parents have to figure out how to relieve them — and deal with the crying ourselves.

We’ve tried gummies, probiotics, nearly everything that comes to mind. But this time, Amazon’s Movers and Shakers page showed us the answer to every prayer related to colic relief. For less than $25, snag the Dr. Brown’s Gripebelt for Colic Relief, a colic-relief tool worth checking out.

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Dr. Brown’s Gripebelt for Colic Relief, $22.49, originally $24.99 on

Dr. Brown’s Gripebelt for Colic Relief is a bestselling relief toy for your baby suffering from colic. This heated tummy wrap will provide instant relief from gas, colic, and general fussiness. Both quick to heat and super fun to play with, it’ll also help with your baby’s brain development because of the crinkly fabric, vibrant colors, and teething sensory additions.

Per the brand, all you have to do is warm the pack in the microwave and wrap it gently around your little one. It’s preferred that you hand wash afterward! And a note from past shoppers si to make sure it’s not too hot before giving it to your little one, so make sure to do it for around 20 seconds.

This tool has instantly become an Amazon Choice and favorite amongst parents, garnering a nearly five-star rating. One satisfied parent said this tool truly “works like magic,” saying, “My 6 week old baby gets so fussy a lot when he’s feeling gassy, especially when he doesn’t burp every after feed. We’ve tried almost every tip we saw online to make the crying stop… If you use it accordingly, it will work like magic! The crying immediately stops every time we put this on him, and not only that but he also burps right away.”

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