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Jennifer Garner Shared the Most Relatable ‘Mom Fail’ & We Feel Very Seen Right Now

There are a bevy of mortifying things that can happen with technology — and Jennifer Garner just experienced a major one. The actress and mom-of-three appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and detailed the true downside of the reply all email button.

“I had a mom fail,” she explained to Corden and fellow guest Greg Kinnear. Here’s how it all went down:

Garner decided to send a playful, private message to her kid’s coach — who, incidentally, also works with Kinnear’s kids. “I emailed the coach one weekend, kind of being funny about my kid and saying, ‘Well, this one seems to be getting a little womped this weekend,’ ” she recounted. “‘So, what does that mean for tomorrow morning because we have something planned? What does that mean typically?’ And I was being funny, I thought I was being funny.”

Turns out, Garner accidentally hit the reply all button, blasting her joke to the entire email list. “I replied to everyone on the team, to every parent,” Garner said, turning to Kinnear. “Including you and Helen.”

To which Kinnear quipped: “I do remember this. I remember thinking, ‘Jennifer Garner is a raging lunatic.’ Sweet enough, but I had no idea.” The actor went on to say the he has also made the dreaded reply all error — though, he noted, “not as bad as this.”

We’re grateful for Garner continuously sharing her hilariously relatable parenting moments. When she’s not accidentally mass emailing all of her fellow parents, she’s being a trouper for her daughter’s history class, dressing up in full colonial garb to teach the kids about Genteel Refinement.

“Me: 🤗👵🏼😄,” Garner wrote in her caption alongside the video. “My daughter: 🙄😑🙅🏻‍♀️.”

Or she’s emptying her purse on Instagram to show that the contents include loose cashews, a squeaky toy, multiple chargers, M&M’s, stickers and socks. That’s a mom win right there.

Garner’s secret to balancing all of life’s wacky mom moments?

“The absolute [greatest] thing about being a parent is that every day is a fresh start.” she told PEOPLE back in 2014. “You always can say, ‘Today we’re going to try this!’ And if it goes horribly, you can say, ‘Today we’re throwing that out, and we’re trying this!’ That’s part of what I like about being a mom in general.”

These celebrity moms make us all feel better when they share the highs and lows of parenting.

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