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This Reddit Dad Wants to Give His Daughter a Stuffed Bear … Filled with Human Hair

Think you’ve seen the strangest Am I The A-hole thread on Reddit? We humbly offer you this post. A dad took to the platform on Monday to share a squabble he’s currently having with his wife over a stuffed bear filled with human hair — and Reddit users are (understandably) divided.

Here’s the background. “My family has a tradition where the first born will get a special stuffed animal. I got one from my mother when I was born, who got one from her mother, who got one from her father, and so on and so on,” he said. “The reason that it’s special is because the stuffing is made from their parent’s hair.”

The Reddit user explained that his mother has been saving his hair since he was a child to give to her future grandkid. “The care taken by the new grandparent in collecting the hair and using it to make the toy represents the child’s connection to its family history and is a tangible measure that shows the extended family will always support them,” he continued. “In short, the stuffed animal is a way of connecting the new life to their new family.”

The Reddit user assumed that his wife would be delighted by this family tradition. Instead, he said, she “blew up.”

“My wife said it was gross and disgusting and that she wouldn’t have it around her daughter,” he recounted. “I told her that it’s our daughter, not hers, and that there’s nothing disgusting about my family’s tradition.”

The drama continued even more because now the grandmother is peeved that her grandchild isn’t getting the hair bear. So, that’s one more feud brewing within the family. “Am I really an a**hole for wanting to give my special girl her special bear?” the user asked.

And, oh boy, did Reddit have thoughts.

Some firmly believed that the dad was in the wrong and the wife is in the right. “It’s creepy,” one person wrote. “I mean, if the family likes it that’s fine, but OP shouldn’t expect their wife to be on board with it. That’s not right. I wish people would learn that just because something’s a family tradition that doesn’t mean others have to participate.”

Another added: “You can’t surprise your partner with family traditions. Especially one where you give a baby a wad of dead hair.”

Others were more understanding and thought that the wife was overreacting. “I agree it’s weird but also, I don’t think it’s unhygienic or gross in any way,” one user offered. “It’s not what I’m into, but it seems pretty harmless to the child. If my spouse had something this important to them that I thought was weird but was literally safe and not harmful at all, I would keep my mouth shut.

Another added that they really didn’t understand what the issue was. “It’s just a normal toy bear that happens to have clean hair inside it. May as well be rabbit fur, it’s just not that soft. It’s kinda weird the first time you hear about it, but what’s really the big deal?”

And then there was a hilarious suggestion of compromise. “Yeah, the bear should live at Grandma’s,” a user wrote.

Where do you land on the great Stuffed Hair Bear debate?

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