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Target Has a Baby Yoda in an Easter Sweater and OMG We Need a Dozen Please

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Even if you’re not a fan of The Mandalorian — or any part of the Star Wars franchise — you’d be hard-pressed not to be familiar with the little green guy with the big eyes. And whether you know him as Baby Yoda, the Child, or by his actual name, Grogu, you know this: he has become a cultural icon because he is just that flippin’ adorable.

Ready for this? There’s an actual scientific explanation for why we can’t get enough Baby Yoda in our lives. It’s a concept called kindchenschema, which is German for “child form” and was first proposed by Austrian zoologist Konrad Lorenz way back in 1943. Kindchenschema is simply the idea that certain physical features, such as large eyes, big heads, and a less-defined jaw, will remind us of babies or young kids. This triggers the part of our brain responsible for our caretaking instincts. In short, Baby Yoda embodies all these baby-like features, and we just wanna snuggle him.

“With features like super-large eyes, the Child seems to have been deliberately designed for maximum cuteness,” said JV Chamary for Forbes.

So if you (like the rest of the entire world, apparently) are smitten with Baby Yoda, hold onto your hats. Because Target has — wait for it — a Baby Yoda in a Mandalorian Easter sweaterIf Grogu alone is so adorable we can barely take it, a Grogu in a fuzzy little pastel sweater is absolutely next-level adorable.

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Image: Target
Star Wars: The Mandalorian 8in Grogu Easter Sweater Plush $15.99

Look at him with his fluffy faux-lambswool collar and the little Mandalorian helmets that at first glance could double as Easter eggs! If that’s not maximum snugglability (and yes, that’s a word) we don’t know what is. And we’re probably gonna need several of these.

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