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Kaavia James Tells Mom Gabrielle Union That Her Breath Stinks In Hilarious Video

Kaavia James isn’t mincing words. In an adorably hilarious video, the 3-year-old informed her mom, Gabrielle Union, that her breath smelled bad.

Union shared the clip on Instagram, which features Kaavia blowing breath into her hand, to indicate that Union could really use a mint.

“My breath stinks?” Union asks, to which Kaavia offers a straightforward, “yeah.” Union follows up by asking for some advice on her unfortunate predicament. “What should mommy do since her breath stinks?” Union inquires. Kaavia responds by once again blowing into her hand.

Brutal, sure, but sometimes honesty is the policy.

This is far from the first time that Kaavia has kept Union in line. The toddler is known for her sassy remarks and can-do attitude — so much so that Union has adopted the hashtag #shadybaby to accompany posts about her daughter. Like this one below, where Kaavia steps in to offer tips for styling her mom’s hair, which mostly involves patting water on it.

Or that time that Kaavia decided to lead Union and dad Dwyane Wade in a classroom lesson and wasn’t putting up with any of their nonsense.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” Wade asks. Her response: “Yes, you come back to school please.”

When the toddler got the sense that his bathroom request might have been a ruse to get out of class, she told Wade: “You’re coming back.”

Here’s to so many more adorably sassy moments – and keeping it very real whenever mom’s breath could use a refresh.

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