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Halle Berry Divulges Her Movie Bruised Made Her Discuss Sexuality With Her Daughter Nahla

Everyone was beaming with pride in Halle Berry’s family when her directorial debut for Bruised — a story that follows an MMA fighter’s life when it’s turned upside down after the boy she gave up for adoption comes back, leading her to fight her demons. While many just sat back and enjoyed the show, Berry’s daughter Nahla, 13, had some unexpected questions about sexuality.

Berry told actors Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes on their SmartLess Podcast that despite not thinking the movie was appropriate for her daughter, she wanted her to see what she’d been working so hard on. But she never the topic of her sexuality and sex life to come up.

She told them, “So Nahla watches the love scene [with a man]. She’s looking at me and she’s like, ‘Oh, whoa, mum. Really? Wow!’ So then, my editor, who’s sitting next to me not really realizing my daughter is there, says, ‘Go to the second love scene. I want to see what that looks like.’ Well, that’s a love scene with a woman.”

She added, “My daughter’s like, ‘Whoa, Mum, we need to have some conversations. You didn’t tell me.’ And I said, ‘Nahla, this is a movie, none of this is true. Like, none of this is real.’ It started a conversation — really for the first time — about what I do and about playing characters and what’s real and what’s not real.”

Nahla had a lot more questions to ask. Berry said, “So I had a real conversation with my daughter about that, about my sexuality, about my work in the business, and how hard I had to fight to do the film.”

She then said that ironically, that’s all her daughter saw before they had to cut to edit the coloring.

Berry co-parents her two children: daughter Nahla, 13, with ex-husband Gabriel Aubry and her son named Maceo, 8, with ex-husband Olivier Martinez.

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