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This Viral Video Proves No Matter How Old Our Kids Get, Moms Are Gonna Mom

You just can’t escape a proud mama. Myles Harris, a reporter for the ABC affiliate WSYX, learned that the hard way when his mom Sandi decided to surprise him while he was shooting a segment.

The interaction, which has since racked up more than one million views on Instagram, shows Harris spotting Sandi as she slows down in her car to chat with him. “This is my mom, hold on,” he tells the camera person.

“Hi baby!” she calls out, delighted in the way that only moms can be.

“I’m trying to work right now and you’re calling my phone,” Harris responds. “…Don’t be holding up traffic because you’ve got cars behind you.”

People flocked to Harris’s video, commenting on how relatable the exchange was and how much they absolutely loved Sandi. “Mom is the cutest!” one user wrote. “I don’t blame her I would have done a drive by too! ❤️” Another added: “This is so cute 😭😭😭 she so proud of her baby 😂❤️”

DeAngelo Byrd, who was working behind the camera, also took to Instagram to share the clip and was equally delighted over this sweet, hilarious interaction. “What a blessing to share such a joyful moment,” he wrote. “So happy I captured this and mama Sandi came by to show some love!!”

You better believe that Sandi got an invite to the WSYX studio after her brush with fame. Harris posted a cute photo of himself with his mom, alongside the caption: “Wouldn’t be able to do it without my best friend.”

Later, Sandi, Harris and Byrd got together on Instagram, and Sandi was asked if she had any idea that their interaction would resonate with so many people. “Heck no, I didn’t think it at all,” she responded.  “I just was checking on my son. That’s all I was doing.” As you should, Sandi. Proud moms, FTW.

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