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This Mom’s Viral TikTok Reveals the Shocking Number of Hours She Spent Exclusively Pumping Breast Milk for Her Son

Let’s give some big snaps to TikTok star and new mom Elyse Myers, who just unlocked some wildly impressive pumping stats. Myers revealed in a TikTok video that she has spent 398 days exclusively pumping for her son. That’s:

  • 2,388 hours
  • 6-10 sessions per day
  • A whopping 125 gallons of milk (or 382,080 calories)



What a wild ride. #exclusivepumping

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The video, which racked up more than 500,000 views, features Myers expressing total relief and joy to have finally gotten to the finish line. “2,388 hours I have spent hooked up to a machine to feed my kid,” she said. “And that’s over 125 gallons of milk that my body has created to sustain life after it already grew it for nine months. And I am so proud of myself.”

Viewers flocked to the comment section to congratulate the mama. “You are amazing!!! I’m on day 12 of pumping for my twins and really needed to see this today! 🥰🥰🥰” one TikTok user wrote. Another added: “Exclusively pumping Is by far way under recognized for the amount of work it is GREAT JOB 👏🏻”

When moms exclusively pump, they’re feeding their child using a breast pump and a bottle. As you can imagine, the process can be super energy-draining and time-consuming, but can also be incredibly useful. Moms might opt to exclusively pump if they’re going away for long periods of time, their baby is having trouble latching or there are any oral issues. If that’s you, you’re far from alone. 85% of new moms have used pumps at least part of the time, according to The Atlantic.

Whatever way you’re choosing to feed your baby, you deserve all the applause. As TikTok sensation Cat&Nat commented on Myers video: “That is a ton of work so good it worked for you and you knew when you were done🥰. So much guilt around baby feeding 😢. Mamas gotta do what works!”

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