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Mariah Carey’s Kid Texted Her During a Meeting & Every Parent Can Relate

Mariah Carey decided to start all of our weeks on a lighter note by showing the hilarious (and adorable) texting exchanged between her and one of her kids.

On Feb. 21, Carey tweeted, “The way my kids wait until the exact moment I get on a conference call to ask me these questions” with a screenshot that we can’t help but cackle at.

In the screenshot, we see that at 8:11 PM, one of her kids messaged her asking, “Mommy please can I wear nails with glue” to which Carey asks, “What kind of glue?” They respond by saying “Nail glue,” to which Carey quickly responded with a simple “No” — and then her kid asked, “Why.”

Now we understand the struggle. Right when you’re about to pop in a meeting or do the one thing you need to get done today, your kid pops in with either an odd question, to play, or to wreak havoc. Carey’s not the only superstar mom to talk about this phenomenon.

Back in early January, Eva Longoria was trying to take a sexy photoshoot when her son Santiago popped in for her to focus on him instead. We all remember back in 2020 when Tina Fey’s daughter popped in on her live interview just to call her mama a loser on national TV. And of course, Drew Barrymore kept it real on how juggling it all can lead to some time overlap.

It just comes with the territory.

Carey shares twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe, 10, with ex-husband Nick Cannon.

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