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Baby Shark is Hitting Theaters in 2023 — Ready or Not

Baby Shark — the addictive children’s tune that’s made children smile and given parents headaches  — will become an animated feature film, according to an announcement from Paramount+.

The feature-length film, which will be co-produced by Nickelodeon Animation and the Pinkfong Company, is in development for 2023 and was one of several upcoming projects, including a PAW PATROL film sequel and an accompanying television series, shared at the ViacomCBS Investors Event on February 15.

The Baby Shark film follows an animated television series titled Baby Shark’s Big Show! co-produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio about the little shark and his bestie William. And it’s a milestone for the children’s song — last month, the “Baby Shark Dance” (the complex history of which can be read here) became the first video in history to reach 10 billion views on YouTube, according to Pinkfong.

As far as catchy tunes, it’s clear why Baby Shark has inspired toy lines, books, clothing, and even food. In 2019, Linda Nelson of KinderCare’s Music Explorers Learning Adventures program, told Romper of the song’s appeal: “….“Also, the theme of focusing on family members is a topic most children can easily relate to. The family is the circle of influence for kids, and something that they are already knowledgeable about. It’s an environment that they spend their time in — the center of their world. So having a child and their family going on an adventure is something kids can relate to. And it’s got a great story arc — the song details a full story from beginning to end, even in its simplicity.”

However, some disagree on how tolerable the song is — in 2019, it was utilized for “cruel and inhumane” purposes, according to a federal lawsuit that claimed prison inmates in Oklahoma were forced to listen to the song at top volume and on repeat.

That said, the tune is a true bop, so ready or not, it’s about to blow up even more. Parents take cover!

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