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Rams Star (and Proud Dad) Andrew Whitworth’s Sweet Thoughts on His Daughter Reading at the Super Bowl

After celebrating his win in Super Bowl LVI last night, Rams offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth noticed fans talking about something else on the internet: his youngest daughter, Katherine, 7, went viral after a picture of her reading during the game made everyone laugh.

On Her Turf called Katherine “an unbothered queen” in the photo, and CBS Sunday Morning journalist Faith Salie said, “Andrew Whitworth was named NFL man of the Year, but in my book, his daughter is a hero because she’s reading a book at the Super Bowl right now.”

Whitworth, who also shares twins Sarah and Drew, and son, Michael, with wife Melissa, opened up about the photo showing Katherine engrossed in a book on her lap, while the rest of his family watches the game. In an interview with TODAY this morning, Whitworth said, “Oh, it’s special. She’s the fourth one, and you know, the hardest one. That’s her.”

He later said that he wasn’t upset with her reading during that moment. “She’s so cool,” he said. “She’s just her in every moment, and that’s what makes her special. You know what? It’s that fourth one that’s just the strongest, the toughest and who-she-is the most, out of all of them.” He added, “That’s why we love her so much.”

As someone who carries a book with me everywhere I go, I absolutely relate to this girl. Sorry, but football can be boring sometimes (especially during all those breaks!), and a girl’s gotta read!

Days before the Super Bowl, Whitworth was named the 2021 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year, the first Rams player to win the award. At 40-years-old, he is also the oldest starting offensive lineman in Super Bowl history.

On Jan. 31, Whitworth shared a picture on Instagram of him hugging Katherine on the field after the game, and she is sporting a huge smile on her face.

We love seeing how proud he is of his daughter, celebrating her uniqueness at every opportunity, and how much she clearly loves him. Reading is awesome, kids, no matter when or where you do it!

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